At some point in your life, you might find yourself faced with a court date. To be sure that you have an accurate record of everything that happens during that court hearings, it’s a good idea to have your attorney hire your own court reporter or stenographer.

These are people who quickly type everything that is said during the hearing. After it is all over, they give you a transcript that is considered a legal record. This is useful for when you need to make a case about what was said or done during your court hearing. Here are a few tips for finding and hiring your Utah stenographer.

Find a court reporting or stenographer agency

A quick Google search will help you identify all of the advertising court reporting services in Utah. Tempest’s Salt Lake court reporters and stenographers are willing to travel long distances, as well, so don’t rule out our agency if your case is in another city. Remember, it’s the reporter’s qualifications that are what’s the most important.

Search our website or ask about our specialties

Some court reporting agencies specialize in a particular field. Tempest’s court reporters specialties include medical, employment, business, construction, and legal patents. Many court reporting agencies have multiple specialties and areas of expertise. Make sure your attorney finds one that offers what you need.

Contact the agency and schedule an appointment

Court reporters are busy people. Make sure that your attorney knows the exact date and time that you need our assistance before you call to make an appointment. Find out our availability and schedule the appointment that will work the best for your court reporter and your lawyer.

Meet them at your court proceedings

Our Utah court reporters will be at your court location ready to get to work. You won’t always have control over how much time the hearing will take, but hopefully, you will have an estimate. We will do our job and you can relax, knowing that your legal information is being recorded accurately by our stenographers and court reporter.