Credit: Orange Legal

Tempest Reporting is pleased to announce their brand new page of frequently asked questions on video depositions. Depositions are a key aspect to any attorney’s case. They act as a way for attorneys and paralegals to prep their witnesses for the trial. A cohesive, put together deposition allows for the best version of a testimony when in the court room. Hiring a legal videographer to record the proceedings of a deposition make the case all the more powerful– but how?

Our page of frequently asked questions about video depositions serves to answer some of the most pressing questions attorneys and paralegals may have about legal videography. Why videotape a deposition, and how can it be used in trial? Are deposition videographers certified? Can video depositions be used in place of live testimony? How should a witness prepare for their video deposition? What is deposition synchronizing? In just a few minutes, clients can read up on the topic and have a better understanding of whether or not video depositions work for them.

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