Credit: LifeToTheFullest.Abbott

Attorneys and their legal teams are professionals who are constantly on the move. For some, that may mean extensive travel not only statewide, but nationwide. Whether it’s your first time or hundredth time on an airplane, travel can be difficult and frankly uncomfortable at times.

A recent article from the New York Times listed a few purchases frequent travelers should invest in to ensure a better trip. For attorneys who often have quick and frequent trip, these purchases are must-haves.

Portable charger

At some airports, outlets can be difficult to locate, making charging up one’s electronics before a flight impossible. When traveling by car, it can be difficult to get the charge one’s phone needs while using the GPS to navigate. Portable chargers eliminate the stress that comes when our phones reach critically low battery. A simple charger can be purchased at just about any local drug store, but electronic stores will carry heavy-duty alternatives with several plug-in options. Depending how much money one spends, these chargers can be charged by plugging into a USB or an outlet. Some are even solar. Explore portable charger options before your next travel.

Noise-canceling headphones

On flights and in hotel rooms, noise-canceling headphones can be the difference between rest and none. You can drown out irritating, unfamiliar sounds by turning on music and television, but many are powerful enough that putting them on is enough to make things quiet. Whether drowning out noisy neighbors in a hotel room or eliminating odd airplane noises, noise-canceling headphones will change the way you rest while traveling.

Wear an Eye Mask

Eye masks are another way to get sleep, which can evade us all too easily while traveling. Eye masks keep things dark and comfortable so that you aren’t affected by changes in light so you can sleep longer.