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Group conferences are essential for the modern business or legal environment. Before videoconferencing, these meetings took place either face-to-face or through telecommunications. This meant conference rooms, stiff suits, uncomfortable chairs, and added costs for hosting multiple-line calls.

This wasn’t exactly an ideal situation.

Today’s videoconferencing technology eliminates the need for the board room. Your legal or business meetings can take place anytime, anywhere, regardless of the location of the participants.

At Tempest Reporting, we can employ the most effective technologies to ensure your videoconferencing sessions are productive, clear, and effective.

The Benefits of Videoconferencing

326896514030468.c2P4rX1UQesp6JH1abxa_height640Videoconferencing is an effective way to connect users through both video and audio technology and equipment. This provides a number of benefits, and you can:

  • Connect users from all over the world in the same meeting
  • Eliminate the need for face-to-face contact
  • Eliminate dropped phone calls dropping or telecommunications glitches
  • Make it possible for global corporations or legal groups to stay connected anywhere

How it Works

Before you can set up any form of video conference, you need to have the right equipment. You will need:

  • Computers
  • Microphones
  • Video camera
  • Sound system

To ensure quality broadcast and a good experience, our professional videoconferencing services may use additional, higher technology equipment as well.

All users need to have access to some or all of this equipment before the conference can take place, and we can help make sure everything is in place before the conference begins (including a professional, comfortable, and fully equipped conference room if necessary).

When everything is in place, you will be able to communicate and clearly see and hear every other person involved in the conference.

“I’ll Just Skype”

326896514030472.lEEKTFeisAHPg0fkRPjB_height640You may argue that you can just have a videoconference through a free service such as Skype, so why bother with a paid service?

Actually, Skype and videoconferencing are not the same thing. Skype uses more of a phone type service while videoconferences employ many forms of communication technology to ensure a quality broadcast.

Skype is a useful app, and used regularly when you just need to talk to someone you know to confirm some information. It may not be the high-quality service you need for a professional conference that involves several parties. Our videoconferencing solutions can help you maintain a professional environment while enhancing the credibility and integrity of the experience.

Service Benefits

Videoconferences can be used by any corporation or business. The technology can:

  • Reduce overhead costs
  • Open up new ways for business meetings to take place
  • Make legal depositions easier
  • Reduce business expenses by minimizing the costs associated with traveling, planning, or commuting to and from the office
  • Increase profitability by making global connections
  • Free you to work with clientele that is not limited to a specific, single area
  • Increase your field of marketability

As the industry continues to grow, systems and structures will become more affordable, and putting them into an existing business will become easier. However, hiring professionals to navigate the infrastructure and help coordinate between business entities is recommended due to the technical understanding and the work required.

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