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In order to form the best litigation team, it is important you ensure your choice court reporting firm is just a professional and committed to the case as you are. At Tempest Reporting, we have a standard of court reporting that ensures our staff is among the best in our area. Make sure you look for a court reporting professional that checks these boxes.

Certified Court Reporters

Court reporters in the United States must be certified by the National Court Reporting Association to achieve their court reporting licensing of choice. To work with Tempest, these court reporters must:

  • Have at least a RPR certification, and be able to type upwards of 200 words per minute
  • Show skills in proofreading, editing, and researching
  • Must be respectful, easy to work with, and sure of themselves
  • Present themselves professionally

Quality Transcripts

Transcripts can be the difference between winning and losing the case. It is essential our court reporters keep an accurate and detailed record of everything said in the courtroom, and should be able to be delivered in a variety of formats in a timely fashion. Tempest reporting has a high standard for their transcripts.

  • Transcripts should always be as accurate as the court reporter is able to produce
  • Transcripts should meet the minimum transcript format set by the state
  • Physical transcripts should be delivered on time
  • Court reporting firms should be open about their scheduling policies so their deliveries keep the legal team on schedule

Complete Litigation Support

Many court reporting firms offer a full range of litigation services so each and every one of a client’s needs can be satisfied through the firm. Tempest Reporting should offer:

  • Short notice availability, legal video services, multi-media presentations, and more
  • Deposition and conference suites
  • A client login portal for 24/7 access to data storage and record keeping
  • The latest CAT programs to transfer each transcript in the required format
  • A team of technicians to ensure all systems are syncing properly

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