The Value of Realtime Reporting

What Makes Realtime Reporting Unique

A question many people have about realtime reporting is how it differs from other forms of court reporting. Isn’t all court reporting done in real time, as the court reporter is recording words as they are being said? In that vein, this is true, but realtime reporting varies due to the speed at which realtime reporters have transcripts available to their clients– which is immediately. Instead of recording the events of a court room and typing them into “English” at a later date, realtime court reporting instantly translates the court reporter’s phonetic writing to English.

Our talented court reporters at Tempest Reporting make the transcript retrieval process far easier than ever before. There are a number of benefits to hiring a realtime reporter for your trial or deposition, but today we’re just going to highlight a few. 

If you have any questions about realtime reporting– or if you would like to book any one of our litigation services for your next case, contact us now.  


The Benefits of Realtime Reporting:

  • Following the adjourning of a trial or deposition, the transcript is available to immediately be emailed or printed. 
  • The transcripts can be displayed over a monitor in real time for the judge and attorneys to follow along. This is an excellent resource for the deaf and hard-of-hearing. 
  • When an attorney or judge needs to look over their notes, they have them immediately, so proceedings do not need to pause.
  • Attorneys and judges can easily search for key words and phrases in the document– making summarization a breeze.


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