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Ensure the Best Video Deposition Possible

Make Your Deposition Flawless with These Easy Tips

Video depositions grow more and more popular by the year. They allow attorneys to record the testimonies of witnesses before the trial to better form a solid case. They are perfect for expert witnesses who may not be able to make the actual date of the legal proceedings.

But while video depositions certainly have their perks, if they are not approached in the correct way there can most definitely be a problem. Make sure you take into account these three crucial tips when putting together your next video deposition.


Plan As Far in Advance as Possible

If you are scheduling a meeting space, it is crucial that you do this enough in advance that you know exactly what supposes you need. It is common courtesy to schedule a venue or equipment at least 48 hours in advance not only for the business you are scheduling from, but for the other members of your litigation team. Planning ahead keeps everyone on the same track, propels the momentum of your case force, and helps you avoid delays and increased costs.

Dress Appropriately

It is always wise to dress for success, but this is especially true for legal proceedings. Advise your witnesses and staff to avoid casual attire. Dress in professional suits, slacks, or dresses that make you appear put together and do not distract. Avoid busy patterns, as they can be warped on camera and especially distracting or the viewer.

Speak Clearly

It is key to speak clearly and confidently when delivering a testimony. By speaking coherently, court reporters don’t have to worry about distinguishing between odd sounds or mumbled words, and they can deliver an accurate transcript more quickly. Remember to properly enunciate your words so the microphone properly picks up what was said, and so the court reporter can accurately record it. Especially be careful with articulating terminology, proper names, and industry jargon.

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