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As technology grows and changes, so do the needs of attorneys and their paralegals. What was once a common way of booking services doesn’t quite cut it anymore. Attorneys don’t want to have to wait on hold while they try to schedule a court reporter. Emails can easily be lost in the back and forth. Faxing documents to your firm of choice is even more finicky. What attorneys need is a fast, reliable way to schedule a service.

While clients can expect the most responsive treatment from any of these methods of communication at Tempest Reporting, they can also that easy to use, online solution: mobile-friendly scheduling forms. As tech-forward court reporting firm, we want to make sure our clients have the latest technology in their depositions, as well as when they peruse our site. That is why we designed a scheduling form that is not only easy to navigate, but accessible by desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

Sometimes, attorneys only have a matter of minutes in their busy day to schedule a court reporter. Make those few minutes as efficient as possible. Whether on the phone with a legal team or in line for coffee, our scheduling form can be filled out in just a handful of minutes. All a client has to do is provide key information on themselves, their case, and which service they would like. Booking a service with the best Salt Lake City court reporters is that simple. 

This feature was born from our desire to make our clients happy. An attorney who uses their time wisely can clearly deliver on a case, and we want to ensure our clients are able to deliver.




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