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326896514030462.x1ylZLLfNkxkNd3LilZK_height640In the courtroom setting there are many players. Some of these are front and center, such as the lawyers, plaintiffs, jury, and judge. Other players are behind the scenes, making sure the rest of the team has what they need to successfully complete their requirements.

Tempest Reporting can provide experienced and dedicated litigation support specialists who will work to provide the lawyers the range of services they need, when they need it. Our goal is to always be an invaluable asset to attorneys and to the courtroom in general.

What is Litigation Support?

Our litigation specialists use the most recent technology to provide easily-presentable case materials to the attorneys and the court. Their job is to organize the materials and inspect the information so everything is accurate and applicable to the case the attorney is working on.

Litigation support services free up the lawyer’s time so he or she can focus on other areas of the case, and Tempest Reporting will work with you through the entire process, from the beginning – prior to actual court proceedings – to the completion of the court proceedings.

Many of our specialists have worked the attorney while all the final details are worked out. These details often include looking over the court proceedings to determine whether or not an appeal is necessary or can be made. They may also include working through the final documentation to ensure the final word of the court is met and delivered.

Basically, if you walk away from a completed court hearing and your client is still required to pay a certain amount in damages for a civil lawsuit, our litigation specialists may continue working with the case until all the loose ends are tied up.

Litigation Specialists Embrace Technology

Today’s technology is creating an opportunity for your litigation team to be more effective. We make it easy to bring your information to the table in an organized, concise manner.

Our specialists are trained to rapidly sort through all of the necessary information to deliver exactly what the attorney needs. Through our litigation support team, you will receive electronic transcripts in multiple formats. Depositions and exhibits are also available on CD. In addition, transcripts can be delivered by email and compressed transcripts can be delivered in an FTP file.

When you’re ready to start building a team to provide the necessary litigation support give us a call!

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