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Video depositions are becoming more and more common in a courtroom setting. While onsite court reporters are still closely involved with most proceedings, video has become an intrinsic part of the process.

A video deposition make it possible to see the full picture and hear the entire report exactly the way it was intended to be viewed. This makes it possible to instantly access and reanalyze important questions and answers throughout the entire process.

The Deposition Overview

326896514030476.gEYqrvSksu1cE0HH9eY2_height640In courtroom proceedings you have multiple players, including the witnesses. These witnesses are perhaps the most important element of any legal battle, and their word can determine the outcome of the case.

Yes, the judge or jury ultimately decides, but the testimony can sway that decision.

Video depositions can be taken, and then their testimonies can become sworn evidence that is used in the case. The deposition can also be used for further testimony or to be reviewed by the lawyers and those on the legal team. These depositions are important because they preserve the testimony of the witness.

Video depositions do not replace standard court reporters. Instead, the two work together to give a well-rounded witness account.

Too often, witnesses are unable to show up in court. In the past, when the witness didn’t show up the proceedings would come to a halt or move forward without them. If there was a previous testimony recorded by a court reporter, that would be brought back up. Today, the video deposition can be used in place of the witness if the person is indisposed. It can also be reviewed by attorneys and staff members for cross-examining or a direct interaction with the witness.

These videos are also helpful if the witness decides to change his or her story. As mentioned above, video depositions are sworn evidence, no different than swearing on the Bible during courtroom proceedings. If the story changes, the video is proof of the original claim – perjury becomes very difficult to commit.

Creating Professional Video Depositions

Video depositions are used in the courtroom, but they are not required as part of the proceedings. However, many lawyers have found it helpful to hire deposition services because they are helpful in moving forward with the case. Any attorney involved in the case can hire a court reporter, and when they do, they choose the professionals.

At Tempest Reporting, we can help you through all the steps of preparing and taking an effective video deposition.

When preparing witnesses for a deposition, a certain amount of training is required to make sure the final video is professional and will hold up in court. Because the depositions are video recordings, the witnesses need to be prepped on the proceedings. A professional will deliver training to the witnesses that will help them understand the impact of their body language, eye contact, and how they deliver their words. Keep in mind that poor quality deposition videos can be dismissed locally and in federal courts. Creating a professional video helps to reduce this risk.

The professional videographers at Tempest Reporting will help maintain the technical end and make sure the video is produced with good sound and visual quality using the proper software and equipment. The final result will be a video that can be easily viewed and reviewed by members of the courtroom, the jury, and the legal staff.

How to Choose a Video Deposition Service

When hiring a professional, it’s important to select an NCRA-certified deposition videographer.

In order to achieve this certification, the videographer has to be in good standing with the NCRA. They also go through specific training and tests to make sure they are capable of doing the job, which means that they also have the necessary tools, equipment, and software to create high quality depositions.

Also, following the request of an attorney or the court, these professionals should be able to create specific clips of the depositions, delivering exactly what is needed.

Video depositions do not replace court reporting instead they are used in conjunction with it to create duel layer witness testimonies. They are proving to be invaluable in a courtroom setting, and Tempest Reporting can help you get the results you need.


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