What Separates Tempest Reporting from Other Firms?

Tempest Reporting stands out among the other court reporting firms in Salt Lake City and all of Utah. We exude a level of professionalism that other court-reporting companies can't quite seem to match. Why? Because our staff was built on a certain foundation of the business that we continue to turn to and emulate no matter what. These aspects are:

  • We only employ the most qualified litigation support professionals. Our team is made up of highly-trained professionals who have a full understanding of the world of law. We know deadlines are tight, and time is of the essence, and we make sure to deliver our services precisely when you need them.
  • We utilize the best technology in the business. Tempest was founded in 1988 because President Ariel Mumma realized that many court reporting firms in Utah did not use the most up-to-date technology available to them, despite the fact that attorneys needed it. As a result, Tempest Reporting constantly embraces the most innovative technology in the business, so attorneys can rely on us.
  • We offer a wide variety of litigation support services. You can come to us for any and all of our legal needs.
  • Whether you book a court reporter, videographer, conference room, or any other service, you can expect the same attention to detail that distinguishes our work.
  • We accept and distribute transcripts in a variety of forms. We were among the first court reporting firms to offer compressed transcripts and deliver transcripts by email. Whether a client needs their transcript in paper or electronically, we will provide it in the format of their choosing.
  • We work in cases large and small. Our work has encompassed federal court, multidistrict litigation, and multiple-plaintiff and defendant cases, as well as small and fast cases. No matter what the work entails, we can help.
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Vickie L.

"I have worked with Tempest/Ariel for 26 years. They have always been very professional and helpful with anything I need. The office staff is always quick to respond to inquiries, and everyone is very friendly. I would recommend them for all your court reporting needs."

Mike H.

"I have worked as a technical consultant for Tempest Reporting for some years now, and they have always been great to work with and pay their bills, which is a big plus. One thing they like is they spare no expense in purchasing high-end computer equipment to do their jobs. It really makes things a lot nicer and faster. Ariel really pays attention to detail. I would recommend working with them."

Mark F.

"Tempest Reporting is great–very professional, transcripts are accurate and always on time. For depositions in Utah, I give Tempest my highest recommendation."

Paul B.

"We are using Tempest Reporting Inc for a court reporter in Salt Lake City, Utah. They are very Good and professional. They provide wonderful and excellent quality service. Highly recommend and use again & again."

Angela L.

"Thanks for all your help! We will certainly use you the next time we are in Salt Lake City."

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